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SilverbackWorks, 2nd Floor, One Alfred Place, London SW1E  7EB

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SilverbackWorks offers solutions for organisations engaged in positive social change. We believe that everyone who has a good cause for the community should have an effective  capacity building programme and that quality consultancy and training should always be in their reach.



We work on many levels. One day we could be working on strategic planning, fundraising or working out a business case... and the next day, giving one to one coaching with an unemployed young person on interview skills.



We're keen to be in reach, that's why all our solutions are accesible, and appropriate and knowing the budget issues of community organisations, we make every attempt to keep costs low (did you know this website cost £50 to design, build register and host and needed minimal technical expertise? That's the type of solution we look for).



We also transfer skills and set up processes as we work, so that we build your capability to genuinely strengthen your organisation.


We aim to make lasting differences to all types of community organisations from charities with business arms, to social enterprises working from a spare bedroom. We're excited to be part of this growing movement where businesses meet a big social mission and leave no one behind. That’s what inspires us at SilverbackWorks.

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