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Charmaine Smith:

Analysis and CRM

Charmaine Smith


Charmaine is that rare breed of analyst who mixes clear analytical thought with imagination, thinking out of the box paired with a certain instinct in understanding how customers behave.


Her hallmark is ensuring business objectives, whether tactical or strategic, are met based on top-notch analysis and insight. With over fifteen years working alongside major clients, her breadth of experience spans government departments, academia and the private sector. At the University of Surrey, she co-edited two papers on fertility and mental health and provided insight for several Department of Health publications. She has advised some of the UK’s biggest companies such as Tesco, Egg, House of Fraser, B Sky B and BUPA. Conversant in the nuances of predictive modelling and regression, she is able to communicate the technical in to plain English and is a successful trainer in analytical software.


She holds a BSc degree (Hons 2.1) in Mathematical Sciences from Liverpool University and an Msc in Social Statistics from Southampton University.




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