Duration: 3.5 hours

Maximum number of trainees: 15


This workshop uses self assessment tools to unearth skills and encourages introspection and discussion of skills. It then goes on to use this as a foundations for writing three types of  CV.




• By the end of this workshop, students will have unearthed information and skills about themselves and be able to write three versions of their own CV.




• Creating  your personal achievements checklist

• Creating your own skills audit from work, home and school life

• The anatomy of a CV

• The three types of CV and when to use each one (with examples)

• How to lay out a CV

• Helpful words to use in a CV

• Rejections. Why do people get rejected and how to handle them?










Duration: 3.5 hours

Maximum number of trainees: 15



The objectives:


• To prepare students for interviews (either with a university or employer) and be aware of the type of questions to expect. (The workshops offer real world interview preparation  and students are invited to bring examples of organisations they might want to work for.)


• To enable students to present themselves in their best possible light in an interview.




• The interview process

• How to research for an interview

• Practicalities

• Interview structures

• Making a good first impression – the do’s and don’ts

• Types of questions that will be asked and what the interviewer is really looking for

• Responding skilfully

• Common interview questions and pitfalls

Unearthing your skills, and shouting about them

Interview coaching


Our CV writing and interview skills workshops are suitable for both school leavers and unemployed people. They are interactive, involve role plays and are personalised; attendees leave our courses having a better understanding not only of how to put together an appropriate CV and get ready for an interview, but a stronger awareness of their own selves in terms of skills and achievements.

CV writing workshop