Super-smart marketing on tight budgets

You need BIG budgets for effective marketing, went the recognised thinking. At SilverbackWorks, we begged to differ. We believe that there are highly accessible techniques for researching and implementing campaigns to empower organisations with their own in-house marketing function irrespective of size or budget.


Light Touch Marketing is a programme to build marketing capability to get your customer relationships up and runnning and your revenue flowing. It's about what you can do next week not next year, it's  right-tech, not necessarily hi-tech; It's real-world practical marketing, with just a bit of theory thrown in, for using your existing resources smarter.


Effective marketing, planning and implementation, just moved from the boardroom table to the kitchen-table.

Light touch_mobend

Market research: access millions of pounds of desk market research free of charge in addition to developing your own primary and secondary research .


Marketing strategy, competitor and customer analysis and segmentation, product positioning


Databases and customer relationship management (CRM), prospecting and creating a sales process


Website design and build. Search engine optimisation and email marketing.

" It's about what you can do next week not next year. It's right -tech, not necessarily high-tech..."

"...marketing planning just moved from the boardroom table to the kitchen table."

Light Touch Marketing covers....