Connected by a genuine passion

for social change through business

Loya Agarwala:


Loya Agarwala


Loya is a natural communicator, in both the written and spoken forms. Her byewords are enthusiasm, clarity in message and an uncanny ability to explain the technical in engaging ways. She has presented news TV programmes broadcast across India for state TV Doordarshan, edited several magazines such as the Camelia and Melange, the Sunday supplement for The Sentinel, and is currently a consulting editor for The Eclectic Magazine.


She is also a personality development trainer focussing in life skills and psychlogical analysis and has trained a whole myriad of professionals, undergraduate students and even models in for beauty pageants.


She is also a professional counsellor for the last 7 years and gives seminars all across the country and is the author of "A School Counsellor's Diary" (Westland, 2013).


Loya is a graduate of Brunel University and also holds a Masters in psychology.

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