What are secrets of taking good photos? What do students at the most renowned photography schools learn that make their pictures stand out from the rest? This one day course from SilverbackWorks brings in to focus the must-knows of longer photography courses teach allowing you to save money on images, avoid the generic image library and make your marketing totally unique.


Peter Knapp, a professionally trained photographer from one of the most renowned photography schools in the UK, teaches the must-knows of practical photography and its application. The course is suitable for both beginner and intermediate level and for anyone who needs to learn the tricks of the trade, fast with a light-touch.


Cost: £105 +VAT per person. (50% discount for social enterprises with sales turnover of under £50,000 p.a.)


Course content:


Morning session:

• Seducing the viewer: what makes a picture makes strong or weak image?  Examples. Group exercise.

• Types of shots: portraits, landscapes, details and establishing shots.

• Creativity – how to find it? Directing and pre-visualisation. Group exercise.

• Keeping to the rules: exposure, framing, use of flash, night pictures and macro modes, special effects .

• Bending the rules.

• Photoshop: basics in adjusting your pictures.

• Displaying: guidance on applying your pictures for brochures, leaflets, websites and exhibitions.  


Afternoon session:

• Group exercise: assignment on street photography

• Critique of assignment

• Questions and answers.


To enrol on this course just email us for further details.




Demystifying photography: a one day course with a practical hands-on-camera approach