In our experience of giving time management courses for over 10 years, we've found that those busy people who are in most need of a time management course are least likely to be able to take a full day out of the office for training.


That's why we've created  a time management course that's packed with what a conventional course has, yet condensed in to half a day.


  • Our courses have smaller group sizes for more personal attention from experienced trainers so we take your real-life examples and provide practical advice to work with them

  • We've designed them to increase your productivity and allow you to focus on work that impacts your long term objectives by teaching vital and lasting skills for you and your staff

  • We'll also include course notes and one-to-one follow up advice for up to 28 days   

Course contents:  


  • A personal time audit of how you are personally spending time at the moment.


  • Explaining how you can focus on objectives


  • Prioritise your workload


  • How to overcome procrastination


  • Identification and minimisation of time wasters


  • Managing and negotiating with “time-stealers”


  • How to delegate


  • The best way to resist interruptions


  • Controlling email


  • Designing your day-to-day routine via a simple to organise time management system which you can implement right away


Really useful, well thought out, and interactive course. It’s got me thinking and will be very useful in my personal and work life.      


Trina Wallace, NGO Media



Really useful, really enjoyed.


Julie O’Donnell, Institute for Learning




Very useful and great that it was just a half-day course.


Alex Birch, IARS

The very essence of successful time management :

our half day workshop

time management course



"A course packed like a conventional

day-long course yet condensed in to half a day (and at half the price)"







"Smaller group sizes for more personal attention."






"Increases your productivity and allows you to focus on work that impacts your long term objectives"